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I was wondering if you got my text, guessing no. I can’t find the ask button on your tumblr site to write it there. Appt with Dr Matt tomorrow, hopefully he got to talk with michael.

I’m terrified in more way toos. First of all i’m supposed to be fasting for my bloodwork tomorrow but the pills made me loopy so that 12 hour fast is just not happeing. Worried no only about the cuts on my arms (one is stil so deep and hurts so much), plus I can’t guarantee it won’t happen again tonight when I’m dead to the world and self destructive others begin taking over and doing dangerous things to me.

One good thing is Michael said if he did hospitalize me that it wouldn’t be long and he’d come visit me. I think he feels some kind of  responsibility, caring and attachment for me, which is good and eases my mind.

For now off to sleep. See Dr Matt early.

Hopefully will here from you soon.

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